Putting Ashes into the Urn

When you receive the urn you will find an opening in the bottom to allow the ashes to be put inside the urn. There are two different styles of plugs. The smaller urns will have a hole approximately 2” in diameter with a rigid plastic plug. The larger urns have a threaded cap to seal the urn shut. All urns come with an urn bag for holding the ashes, a twist tie, and a piece of felt to cover the plug or threaded cap.


  1. Turn the urn upside down on a soft surface (such as a towel) so the hole is up.
  2. Put the empty bag into the urn and carefully pour the ashes into the bag.
  3. Seal the bag using the twist tie, and make sure the bag is completely inside the urn.
  4. Attach the plug and then apply the felt.
  5. Wipe the urn with a soft cloth to clean it.